Wednesday, April 22, 2015

About Us

Hi Ya'll,
Here at Hinrichs Rabbitry we focus on raising show quality Mini Rex rabbits at a national level in the colors: Black, Broken, and Otter. Our rabbitry is registered with the ARBA # D3628 and were are proud members of the NMRRC(National Mini Rex Rabbit Club). All of our rabbits have full pedigrees and do well with chickens, cattle, cats, dogs etc. We hope you enjoy looking at our site and please contact us if you are interested or have any questions!

Hinrichs Rabbitry
(Rachel Hinrichs)

Glenvil, NE 402-771-2299                                 Last updated: 2-21-17

HR's Pretty Boy goes BEST IN SHOW!! at the 2015 ACF!!!!! 

Our Bucks

G.C. Loftus Deuces 
Loftus Surprise x Adeleke's Ping
Blue Otter HL240
Legs: 4
9th place Jr. buck
2014 Mini Rex Nationals 

G.C. Broadfoot's Knight Raider
Kelly's Buckshot x Broadfoot's Kenzie 
Black B1079 
Legs: 5 
BOV, BOV, BOB, 1/5

Av's Max
Av's Marcus x Av's Matilda
Chocolate MX1(Retired)

Minnow Lake's Shep
Minnow Lake's 8 Ball x Minnow Lake's Sydney 

HR's Pretty Boy
Loftus Deuces x HR's Fancy
Black Otter HRBOY
BOB,BIS 7-15-15

Our Does

HR's Fancy
Loftus Eskimo x HR's Flower
Black Otter FAN
REg. # H785J
BOV, BOS 3-29-14 

HR's Flower 
Av's Max x Av's Pebbles
Black F10 

Broadfoot's Callie
Broadfoot's Rolls Royce x Broadfoot's Jasmine
Chocolate B975
Legs: 7 

Knight's Black Angel
Knight'a Marco x KT's Pistol Annie
Broken Black K957

Kelly's Big Diva
Black Otter BIG DIVA

HR's Good Times Roll
Broadfoot's Knight Raider x Knights Black Angel
Black HGTR 

Hawt Fur's Koryn
Broken Black Sr. Doe doe
More Info to come

HR's Jitter Bug
Black Sr. Doe
Loftus Escape Artist x HR's Flower

HR's Drama Queen
Black Otter Jr. Doe
Minnow Lakes Shep x Kelly's Big Diva

Hawt Furs Snow White
White Jr. Doe More info to come

Loftus Shattered Glass
Broken Black Otter Jr. Doe
Casablanca Heartbreaker x Adelek's Ping

For Sale

Sales Policy:
1. We reserve the right to decline purchase to anyone at any stage of the purchasing process.
2. All animals will be sold under the prefix HR's.
3. No bred does will be sold, and our bucks will NOT be studded out.
4. A 50% deposit is required to hold the rabbit of your choice and full payment MUST be made at pick up time. (NO EXCEPTIONS) 
5. What we say about our rabbits is our opinion, it may be reflect what judges may say.
6. Rabbits purchased as "Show Quality" are NOT guaranteed to win. Although we strive to raise quality animals many factors can effect the condition after they leave our barn. 
7. No bunnies will be sold at less than 12 weeks of age. 
8. We sell on a first come first term basis. 
9. All bunnies are guaranteed free of disease and DQ's unless otherwise stated at pick up time.
10. If buyer does not understand the terms of this contract it is his responsibility to contact the seller. 
11. We are NOT responsible for rabbits after they leave our barn.
12. All sales are final. 

Please review sales policy before committing to buy one of our rabbits! 
All rabbits are wormed and full pedigreed.

I regret to say that I have decided to sell out of all my Mini Rexs! I have many many wonderful bunnies that need homes so please contact me if you are looking for anything!!!!
1402-303-0144. Or message me on FB!


I have a new group of Jr.s to post on here soon!

Show News

These shows are ones we hope to attend in 2016. Please contact us if interested. We can easily bring  sale stock along to these shows!

My list of shows will be coming soon!!